The Sommni

Supercharge Your Sleep With Premium Dual-sided Hotel-Grade Comfort

  • SUPREME COMFORT 100% LATEX: Made with 100% Certified Natural Latex
  • HOTEL-GRADE COMFORT: Exported over 150,000 Mattresses globally
  • DUAL-SIDED DESIGN: Plush for luxury comfort, Firm for pain-free support
  • 7-LAYER DESIGN: Precisely made for maximum comfort
  • MADE FOR STAYING COOL: Aloe Vera & Latex to keep you cool all night
  • ULTRA LONG-LASTING: More than any foam/spring mattress
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: 1 mattress saves a 1,000 Trees!
  • 0% EASY INSTALLMENT: Opt for up to 24-Months Easy Installment with 2C2P
RM1,899.00 RM1,599.00 SAVE RM300.00

Size: Single

Super Single

Sleep Experience Trial: Opt Out of Sleep Trial (Save up to RM 600)

Opt Out of Sleep Trial (Save up to RM 600)
100 Nights
150 Nights
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Detailed Description

The only mattress designed with 2 sides of comfort

Our best 100% Certified Natural Latex mattress was designed to meet every sleeper's unique need. Featuring a plush side and a firm side, we wanted to create a mattress that solves the dilemma of not knowing what type of mattress to choose. This is the mattress that everyone will love - guaranteed!

- DUAL-SIDED COMFORT: To meet every sleeper's unique need.

- DESIGNED WITH 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 7-Layers that was assembled and tested carefully. This was to bring the most comfort to you.

- MADE FOR YOU TO STAY COOL: We know how Malaysia's warm weather can hurt sleep. The Sommni ensures you stay cool and cozy whilst sleeping throughout the night.

Mattress Dimensions

Single: 190cm x 90cm x 23cmH, 21.5kg

Super Single: 190cm x 106cm x 23cmH, 25kg

Queen: 190cm x 150cm x 23cmH, 34.9kg

King: 190cm x 180cm x 23cmH, 40.4kg

Materials & Certifications

7 Layers of Comfort

  • Top layer of Aloe Vera Fabric
  • 2nd layer of Sommni's Miracle Memory
  • 3rd layer of 100% Certified Natural Latex
  • 4th layer of HD Support Foam
  • 5th layer of HD Firm Cushion
  • 6th layer of 3D Certified Natural Latex
  • Bottom layer of Aloe Vera Fabric
Free Shipping + Returns
  • Get your mattress shipped straight to you for free.
  • If for any reason you don't love your mattress, contact our team to confirm eligibility and arrange a free return. See the Returns page for full details.
Most Suitable For
  • Ideal for those looking to optimize their sleep
  • Perfect if you can't decide between a firm or plush mattress
  • Suitable for any sleep style

Simply flip it from firm to plush if you don’t like one side.

"I received my very own Sommni mattress at the end of last year and have been using it since. My sleep has never been better! There are two sides — soft and hard. You can simply turn it over to whichever side you prefer. Personally, I go with the hard one as it provides a better comfort for my back. I love it! Thank you Sommni!"
- Eji Young
Image description
Everyone's Favourite Mattress With Dual-Sided Comfort
We understand the difficulties of shopping for a mattress. It can be hard choosing between a firm or soft mattress. With Sommni’s firm or plush in one mattress, you don’t have to choose! Don’t like it, just flip it to find the best side that suits your needs.
Unbox, Unroll, Relax.
It's That Easy!
With Sommni, hassle-free shipping means more than just free delivery. It means a smooth, effortless process from the moment you click "buy" to the moment your mattress is set up in your home.
4 Reasons Why Sommni's Natural Latex Mattress Is A Class Above The Rest


Sommni's Natural Latex is extremely durable and lasts a long time. With proper care, it can last 10-20 years. This is many times longer than any other foam-based mattress.


Somnni's Natural Latex is approved by physicians. It conforms to the body's curves and pressure points and provides support and pressure relief reducing aches and pains.


Unlike other foam-based mattress, Sommni's Natural Latex is resistant to dust mites and mold. This makes it a very good choice for those with allergies or sensitivities towards allergens.


Other foam-based mattresses contain an odd smell due to synthetic materials used. Sommni's Natural Latex mattress is completely odour-free. This is mainly because it is natural and free of chemicals.


The Magic Within 7 Layers of Comfort

Aloe Vera Fabric
Stay cool while being gentle on sensitive skin

3D Natural Latex (Firm Side)
Firmer feel to provide long-lasting support

HD Firm Cushion (Firm Side)
Enhances support for the spine

HD Support Layer (Central Layer)
Ensuring optimal body weight distribution

Natural Latex (Plush Side)
Second layer of latex that provides more long-lasting support for the memory foam

Miracle Memory (Plush Side)
Provides remarkable plush comfort that moulds to your body

Sommni's Products Are Approved by Leading Osteopath Physicians

When designing Sommni's products, we aimed not only to provide comfort but also to promote long-term body health, with approval from leading osteopath physicians.

0% Easy Installment

Enjoy The Sommni today and pay later with up to 24 Easy PaymentOpt for 4, 12 or 24 easy payment Installment plans with 2C2P or Grab during check out.

100 Nights Risk-Free Trial

Within 100-nights, feel and experience the difference The Sommni can make in your life.

Upgrade & Worry-Free Returns

Opt for an upgrade to a 150 nights trial. If you are not satisfied at the end of your trial, you may return your Sommni for a 100% refund with no strings attached.

Opt out of Free Trial and save

Sommni is the only mattress in a box brand that provides the option to opt out of the sleep trial allowing you to purchase your Sommni and save even more!

So, what does all these mean for your sleep?

Complimentary With Every Sommni Mattress

You get deeper, more restful sleep

You fall asleep easier and faster

You get to stay cool during the night

You get to wake up feeling refreshed and energised

You get optimal performance during the day

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sommni Mattress made of?

The Sommni is a dual comfort mattress made of a combination of 100% Natural Latex, PU Foam, and Memory Foam.

What makes Sommni different from other mattress brands?

We wanted to pack as much sleep as possible in a box. Our goal was to fit a hotel-grade comfortable mattress. By using 100% Certified Natural Latex, Sommni stands out from other boxed mattresses, which are usually thinner and contain little to no latex.

How does Sommni ensure the longevity and durability of their mattresses?

We offer a 10-year warranty on our mattresses, but latex mattresses are known to last over 30 years if well taken care of. However, we recommend not using your Sommni Mattress for more than 10 years due to bacteria buildup over time.

Do Sommni mattresses need a specific type of bed base or foundation?

No. Any conventional size bed frames will work as our mattresses are standard size.

Can I return my Sommni mattress if I’m not happy with it?

Yes. You can opt for a 100 to 150-night free trial. If you want to return your mattress, simply notify us in writing via the Contact page.

How does the Sommni trial period work?
  • Opted out: Not eligible for return unless the product is faulty.
  • 100 nights: Return between 50 and 99 nights.
  • 125 nights: Return between 50 and 124 nights.
  • 150 nights: Return between 50 and 149 nights.
Are Sommni mattresses suitable for all types of sleepers?

Yes, as the mattress can be flipped between firm and plush. We recommend the firm side for back sleepers and the plush side for side sleepers.

How do Sommni mattresses handle temperature regulation?

The Sommni is designed to be well-ventilated with a pinhole design on our 100% Natural Latex. This design helps with air ventilation, cooling down the mattress. Our Aloe Vera top layer also helps maintain breathability and coolness.

Are there any special care instructions for Sommni mattresses?

Just enjoy sleeping on it every night. The Sommni's lifespan is estimated at 30 years. However, we recommend not using your Sommni Mattress for more than 10 years due to bacteria buildup over time.

Can you feel the different layers or components in the Sommni mattress?

Yes, both sides will feel vastly different due to their construction. The mattress is designed to fit very different preferences and needs.

How does Sommni handle motion isolation?

Thanks to our construction, there is no motion transfer, ensuring a peaceful sleep through the night.

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Kok Peng Chan

Got the Sommni Mattress for my grandpa who is 98 years old this year and so far everything has been good. No complaints from an elderly person is definitely the best compliment you can get. Haha.

Boon Jiet Ooi

I had bought three beds for my two homes. I love the beds and have also recommended my family members. The pillows are great compliment to the bed and also their bedsheets. The true package for a good sleep every day.

Maryam Ramzi

The mattress is actually thicker than Id anticipated (I like the extra height) and extremely comfortable. Im sleeping better now.

Fikri Mahmod

I find it difficult to wake up in the morning after sleeping on the bed. Too comfortable

Cheong ZL

Supports essential back & spine alignment, stomach or side sleeper. Amazing undisturb sleep , stay blissfully asleep even as partner moves in bed.