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Benefits of Natural Latex

1. One of the finest natural products in the world. Precious gift from out mother nature

2. Providing the perfect balance of comfort and support. No other material can match natural latex in giving your body the ideal pressure relief and conforms naturally to our body contour.

3. Naturally anti-bacterial and non-allergenic.

4. Perfectly clean and hygienic. All of our products will be pre-washed by washing of certain residual substances improves the quality and hygiene of the product.

5. Body heat is easily dispersed while sleeping on natural latex mattress. This is because the structure of the latex cells is open and interconnected, unlike the conentional foam propoerties.

6. No sleep disturbance, minimal partner disturbance, enjoy a restful slumber every night. As each point of the latex surface reacts to weight and pressure independently.

7. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Clean & Safe

Pre-washed through a series of water sprays and squeeze rolls. Only the highest quality of Natural Latex products go through this complicated process. Quality and hygiene of Natural Latex is enhanced. Prevents bacterial growth and allergies.

Environmental Friendly

Biodegradable. Breathable and resistance to fungus and mildew.

Support & Comfort

Provides ideal pressure relief. Corrects postural alignment. High resilience and elasticity. Excellent support and comfort.

No Sleep Disturbance

Each surface point reacts to weight and pressure independently. No disturbance during sleep.

Pure & Simple

Made from 100% high quality Malaysian Natural Latex. Certified by the European ECO standard test. No Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) used.

High Heat Dispersion

Special open and interconnected Latex cellstructure. Does not trap heat. High degree of heat is dispersed.

Excellent Ventilation

Honeycomb-like ventilation design. Promotes excellent air flow. Reducing motion disturbance.

Durable and Long Lasting

Long lasting comfort and support for years. Organically flexible and bendable.

Superior Quality & Craftsmanship

Handmade by a skilled team. Made with passion to impress and satisfy. Fine and detailed workmanship. Stringent quality control.

Material Spring Natural Latex Synthetic Latex Foam Memory Foam High Resillience
Cost $ $$$$$ $$$ $ $$$ $$
What is it made of? Iron & Metal Natural rubber sap from rubber trees Mix of natural rubber and chemical fillers A range of different chemicals A range of different chemicals A range of different chemicals
No partner disturbance
EMF free

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