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Are you tired of questioning yourself and leaving yourself uncertain about the cleanliness and quality of the mattresses, pillows or bolsters you’re buying?
Look no further, because at Sommni, we prioritise your comfort, health, and satisfaction.

Opting Out of Trials for Healthy Nights

Sommni has an exclusive offer just for you: opt out of the sleep experience trial and enjoy a significant discount while still getting Sommni’s comprehensive 10-year warranty. This is our commitment towards the quality and cleanliness of our products.

While we discourage trials for mattresses due to hygiene concerns, we understand the excitement our clients have when they hear about free trials. We value your trust and will continue to offer a typical 100-day free trial for those who want it, ensuring you have the option to experience Sommni firsthand.

With Sommni, you can rest easy knowing that your Sommni mattress, pillow and bolster is brand new and free from any previous use. Upgrade your sleep today with Sommni and discover the new standard in mattress excellence. Sleep with comfort & confidence, knowing that your sleep, health and well-being are our top priorities.

Why do we discourage commonly offered trials?

How sure are you that a tried mattress is not recycled and sold to a new customer? How do you ensure that the mattress you are receiving is fresh and new? We have listed our findings.

Bacteria and Germs

A used mattress can be infested with bacteria and germs that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Sommni discourages trials to ensure that the clients receive a brand new mattress every time

Protective Layer

To ensure the mattress is kept clean and unstained through out the trial period can be extremely tough and may result in discomfort not enjoying the mattress to the full extent

Dirty Mattress

The customer has no way of telling whether the mattress received is used or brand new. Sommni discourages trials to ensure that clients are receiving brand new mattresses every time

Body Impression

Used and refurbished mattresses may have already succumbed to it's previous trial owner's body impression, thus creating unease and discomfort to its new owner

Bad Odour

At first glance, a used mattress can be seen as clean and safe. However, it may contain odour and smell left over by food, dust, sweat, pets, smoke and more. A used mattress can be cleaned and deodorised but it may not solve the issue entirely


As different particles will settle onto a used mattress. It's difficult for the new user to tell and he/she may encounter allergic symptoms which may lead to sleep disruption and even asthma

Difference Between 100 Nights Trial and Sommni's 100 Nights Guaranteed Experience

100 Night Trials Sommni's 100 Nights Guaranteed Experience
Cost Free Complimentary
Choice No options Option to skip the experience and purchase the mattress at a more reasonable price
Return time frame Not accepted Not accepted
Damages and stain Returns are rejected Returns are accepted
Compensation fee if damaged RM300 - RM500 Not Applicable
Fees on return Free (charge of RM100-RM200 only applicable on second trip) RM100 for shipping and handling
Time frame of refund After arrival of product at warehouse After arrival of product at warehouse
Returned mattress Donated, but no way of 100% ensuring that Shredded and Recycled or Refurbished and donated

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