What are the 7 stages of Sommni Tracking?


Order Placed Your order has been successfully placed online and our production team has taken notice of your order.
Manufacturing Your Sommni's raw materials are being manufactured. This is namely Sommni's 100% Certified Natural Latex that's cooking in the oven.
Assembly Your Sommni is being assembled. At this stage, the Sommni team is layering up the comforts in your mattress and sealing it up with its cover.
Quality Control Check A thorough QC check is being conducted on your Sommni to ensure the highest expected quality before delivery.
Packing Your Sommni is being vacuum packed and rolled into the shipping box. Right after, you Sommni will be stored in our warehouse while it awaits its ride to your home
Shipping At this stage, our delivery partner has picked up your Sommni and is set to deliver your new mattress. A tracking number of our delivery partner will be attached with Sommni Tracking
 Successfully Delivered YAY! You have finally received your long awaited Sommni and you're set out on your journey to discover your newly found comfort