Standard Bed Sizes in Malaysia : A Comprehensive Guide [2023]

What are the standard mattress sizes in Malaysia?

1. Single size mattress dimensions (cm) in Malaysia

The Single size mattress is an excellent choice for various settings such as children’s rooms, guest rooms, or smaller bedrooms. Its compact size makes it perfect for optimising space while still providing a cozy sleeping spot. In Malaysia, the standard size of a single mattress is 90cm x 190cm, offering an ideal sleep solution for one person. What makes single size mattresses even more remarkable is their versatile nature, effortlessly blending into any room size and decor style. With its seamless combination of space-efficiency, comfort, and aesthetic appeal, the Single size mattress truly stands out as an excellent choice for creating a functional and inviting sleeping environment.
Single: 190cm x 90cm x 23cmH, 21.5kg

2. Super single size mattress dimensions (cm) in Malaysia

Are you in search of extra sleeping space and the freedom to move around comfortably at night? Look no further than the super single size mattress! Whether it's for a guest room or a teenager's bedroom, the Super Single bed provides the ideal combination of added comfort and ample space for a peaceful night's sleep. With dimensions of 106 cm x 190 cm, it offers a wider sleeping surface compared to a standard single bed, making it perfect for a single occupant. 
Super Single: 190cm x 106cm x 23cmH, 25kg

3. Queen size mattress dimensions (cm) in Malaysia

The Queen size mattress is an absolute crowd-pleaser when it comes to mattress sizes! Unlike single or super single size mattresses, the Queen size mattress offers that coveted extra width, allowing you to snuggle up without feeling cramped. It's a dream come true for couples or individuals who prefer a little more room to stretch out. With dimensions of 150cm x 190cm, the queen size mattress provides ample space for a blissful night's sleep. This versatile option seamlessly complements most bedrooms, striking the perfect balance between comfort and space efficiency.
Queen: 190cm x 150cm x 23cmH, 34.9kg

4. King size mattress dimensions (cm) in Malaysia

For those in pursuit of the ultimate blend of luxury and generous space, look no further than the magnificent King size mattress. Perfect for couples and individuals alike, this elegant mattress offers the freedom to stretch out and indulge in blissful slumber. With its expansive dimensions of 180cm x 190cm, the King size mattress provides ample room to sprawl and experience a truly regal sleep. Not only does it offer unparalleled comfort, but it also complements larger, more spacious bedrooms effortlessly. Just ensure that your personal style and taste align with the grandeur of this larger size. Rest assured, embracing the opulence of a King size mattress will transport your sleep to unparalleled heights, enveloping you in pure comfort and sophistication.
King: 190cm x 180cm x 23cmH, 40.4kg

How to choose the right mattress size in Malaysia?

When it comes to selecting the ideal mattress size in Malaysia, there are a few key factors to consider. Firstly, thoroughly evaluate your bedroom and accurately measure the available space. Next, reflect on your personal sleep preferences and whether you have a sleep partner or not.
Additionally, it is crucial to be aware of the dimensions of your bed frame to ensure compatibility with the mattress. In Malaysia, you can find commonly available bed frame sizes such as single (100 x 190cm), super single (100 x 210cm), queen (150 x 190cm), and king (180 x 190cm).


Looking to get a mattress in Malaysia? Well, you're in luck! This comprehensive guide has got you covered. Whether you prefer a single or a king-size, we have all sizes to suit your taste. But before you make your decision, consider factors such as your room size, personal comfort, and the availability of bed frames and mattresses. By familiarizing yourself with different bed sizes and finding what suits you best, you can make savvy choices and create cozy sleeping havens that meet all your needs. Trust me, taking these factors into account will help you make an informed decision and select the perfect mattress size for a truly comfortable and restful sleep.

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